New Marketing Campaign

Sardina launched a new marketing campaign for its leading and most successful brand – Adriatic Queen. We want to convey to our customers the story of the Adriatic Sea, the fishermen and enjoyment of our products, their freshness and quality.

In creating the Adriatic Queen campaign we wanted the brand to communicate its Adriatic origin. This time we also wanted to point out the things that distinguish our company and our products from our competitors. Having our own fishing fleet enables us to usein our products fish of top quality, which is crucial for the final Adriatic Queen product to be just that – exceptional, fresh and tasty.

The marketing campaign that we are launching will include commercials on national TV channels, strong billboard presence in the whole of Croatia and advertising on the internet and radio.

We are confident that we will succeed and make all of you want to try our products and see for yourself that they are truly the crown of your meals.

Adriatic Queen, the crown of your meals.