About us

Sardina d.o.o. is a company that deals with fishing, processing and preserving fish, and the cultivation of mariculture products at their breeding sites. With 100-year tradition of conducting business, Sardina is one of the leading Croatian companies in the fishing and fish-processing sector and has a strong emphasis on the export of their products.

The company was established its headquarters in Postira on the island of Brač. Its new manufacturing facilities are a further confirmation of its continuous efforts to provide its buyers from all over Europe and world with the best possible products. The company uses the latest technology in fish production, while also taking care of the environment and natural resources. It closely follows the highest ecological and quality control standards, as demonstrated by its many certifications (ISOO 9001, HACCP and ASC).

Sardina has a diverse production, which includes canned fish, fish pâté, frozen fish and fresh aquaculture products as well as fishmeal and fish oil. The manufacturing process is based on sardines and other varieties of small and large oily fish caught with our own fishing fleet. Annual production capacities amount to 40,000,000 fish cans and patés, 500 tonnes of fish meal, 100 tonnes of fish oil and 1500 tonnes of high quality farmed fish.

Sardina is a modern, successful company that strives to leave its mark in a range of activities on all five of the continents to which it exports its products and to maintain high quality, at the level of world famous fish producers.

A successful team of managers and experts, decades-long experience in mariculture and processing, and continuous development ensure the quality of production to the satisfaction of the consumers of Sardina products.